Roses are red but mine is pink

I got roses yesterday from my aunt. 17 pink rose aww...

Today when I woke up my mom said ''dress up now! guests will come in next two hours''.. what? I didn't know that mom is going to invite relatives to my b-day. Well I don't mind haha.
Yesterday I came back to Kajaani from Oulu as you might know already. I didn't buy much, only food almost. Subway bread was disaster there, stuffs didn't stay inside that bread :(

My other aunt gave me this book as a b-day gift. I have been wishing this for a long time! I will make a review about this book soon. I have been crying a lot while reading this because it tells about North-Korean prison camps. This guy in that book has escape there alive and he is a first one! Things what he have been going to trough are just horrible....

Oh well, I did buy couple winter clothes. Really simple but soooo warm awrgh!

I went back to store to return tank top what was way too large and it didn't even look great anymore. I didn't get my money back but I did change tank top to other product on sale. Well I did choose these 4 rings which were same price but still seller gave me 5€ gift card. Haha great!

 Have a nice day you all! I'll go to eat cookies :3!

lololol... trying to smile haha- todays birthday look


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  1. You're so cute~ very dolly. :3
    Nice buys.:) xoxo

  2. aww toisiks viimenen kuva on ihana ;;w;;

    1. hehe kiitos :3! naama tosin aika peruslukemilla D: hngh. pitää opetella hymyilee enemmän =D

  3. Love the rings!


    1. really simple but still looks great!

  4. ahw the jumers looks soo comfy *__*
    i need some too
    here gets very cold too :'(

    1. here it's getting minus temperatures soon =(
      I had to hoard much warm clothing!


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