Nose contouring

I have a big nose and I try to make it look smaller or even thinner with makeup. It's easy but I must be careful that I won't look like Nicki Minaj.... sorry about posting this, she's doing it wrong.

I'm not expert with this either but I still can see what is enough. Contouring nose is easy when you have tried it couple times. Here is my examplr and sorry about black and white, pictures were too red haha.

put a little bit darker powder to this are and blend it. Don't add too much..
and here is before and after- you see the difference?


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  1. ootko ite tilannu ebaystä? :D ku sielä on varmaan ikäraja vai ?

    1. ai mitä tilannu? tässä postaukses en oo mitää tilannu ebayst, mutta joo oon tilannut sielt joskus ja ei siellä ikää kysytä :D

  2. I really like conturing though I'm not really skilled for it haha
    I like your result! Cute blog :) Thanks for your comment on my blog. Followed you :)

  3. aww, you look like a doll. so cute :)

    new follower here :> btw, i'm having a giveaway :)
    I hope you can join too :D
    here's the link: ◆ 2,500 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY

    1. Oww thank you :3 and thanks about info! =) I will join..


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