My first beach holiday- Mallorca

Two years ago I made my first trip to other country. I mean something else than Swedish or Estonia. I went to Mallorca- Alcudia. The view from our balcony was more like mountain and village style but in night it was awesome with lights and it was like carnevals.

This trip didn't made any big memories. Maybe it was because I were just a newbie then and I was so excited about everything in there. But this place wasn't that good as Gran Canaria. We only were in beach and small zoo called Marineland.
This place was good for people whose are traveling for a first time. Really easy to go to places, Palma is near of Alcudia and there is a lot of shopping places!

in restaurant... they were joking all the time. My brothers didn't want to show their faces.

it's me two years ago... ummm well hair is different and I use makeup now hah


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  1. Wow. This is a really nice place. :D Thank you for following me. :D Followed you back. :D

  2. nice place~ wish i can be there one day

  3. Awesome place! It seems like it's fun to be there.


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