I ripped my nail!

Halloween 2012 has started! I really didn't rip my nail as you might see my poor try :D
I want to share this quick tutorial to you. But tomorrow I'm going to make Creepy Doll makeup and zipper-eye to my cousin.

You need at least these- if you don't have a fake blood, use lipstick or nailpolish.
Rip fake nail and shape it if you want to
glue first piece
add blood
glue the smaller piece
and add more blood if you wan't and i tried a little bit eyeliner but I think I did add it too much


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  1. Ouch!D; that looks pretty real >___< Good work!^^
    Have a nice weekend!~

  2. OMG! I was thinking to myself: "poor thing ripped her nail! X( and it looks so serious on top of that!" and then I get into the actually post and then it's fake haha :D
    Looks so believable.. sorry about this, that looks so gross haahahha I really believed you ripped your nail XD !!!! Thanks for tut~

    - Sally


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