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I was looking Korean hairstyles and I got inspiration from some Ulzzangs :) when I get inspiration I usually make simple version about it because I'm a lazy person haha. I do like cute and simple hairstyles.. well who wouldn't?

I believe that everyone knows this simple and cute hairstyle. It's so amazing how that look so good when Asian person goes out with that hairstyle. I think my forehead is too big so I always have a same hairstyle but sometimes I curl those haha.

Well anyway here is my hairstyle of today and also dolly makeup. Hope you like these!

my room was so messy that I had to change background XD not my masterpiece...

oh oh oh little monkey don't go yet... or if you go, go to check  dear Eunji's blog She write in finnish and english and is also korean lover ;)


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  1. Toi kampaus näyttää niin täydelliseltä sulla!! :) mulla se nyt.. ei oikeen xd

    Ja kiitti viellä~ ^^

  2. Your look s really cute sweetie~~ I´m your new follower..

    Thanks for your sweet commen in my blog..


  3. the hairstyle is so cute! not just asian I think you rocks the hairstyle too, you look so cute! :D

    1. aww thank you about sweet comment! ^^


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