Gran Canaria, can I come back?

Last year I were in Gran Canaria- Playa de Amadores. Puerto Rico was only few kilometers away so we did walk there several times but I think it wasn't that awesome place what I thought.
I miss that place so much because our hotel room was in hills, there was really warm everyday, shopping centers, silly people, bazaar areas and of course the beach!

I think I would make a blogpost about my trip because I started to miss it a lot. I have a video also, but my brother said that i can't show it =_=
So when we did fly from Helsinki I still did thought that Gran Canaria is in Spain. I was so's next to Africa o.o I was so confused then haha~ already sitting in airplane and didn't even know where to go.

So our hotel was Mirador del Atlantico. I liked it a lot! It was near of beach, great pool, nice evening performances and also awesome big balcony. View from it was amazing, we saw Tenerife's volcano, our beach and mountains, just perfect.

a little bit of our view. You can't see the volcano because it's covered of mist =(.... monkey kaktus!

actually our hotel_room
Well we went to ride with camels!! It.. was.. awesome XD haha~
Our camel's name was Mundo, stepfather's Sofia and my brother's Roberto! One was named Alibaba and Alejandro.
We were riding in desert... a lot of sand but I didn't even know that there were desert! Only negative thing was that it was really windy so my mouth was full of sand.


I'm playing with sand...

haha my brothers! Ronaldo shirt....
 In Puerto Rico we had dolphin/whale trip where we was supposed to see dolphins and whales in wild but.... we didn't. The captain gave us a new tickets what we never used haha~

hah I'm pointing to Puerto Rico.. I lok so different.

Bazaar area

they are real o.o

we had to try this! =D
I don't have a picture unfortunately about evening show. They said ''pay about photos'' so .... thats why haha~ but anyway I did hug a racoon, and a skunk [well almost hug] and also I did keep a parrot on my head.. damn it was fat =_=
The lady who did bring snakes.. asked ''is there any girl who likes to smile a lot?''. I tried to hold my laugh but when my brother made stupid face.. I couldn't do anything so the lady pick me into stage. Next things what she did was putting SNAKE to my shoulders! It was huge.... yellow and white colored huge strangle snake but I didn't afraid it which was umm odd hah~

Aaah I miss this beautiful sunset. It was like from The Lion king- movie :)


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  1. I was in Puerto Rico two years ago :)) It was so beutiful place :3

    1. Yeah it was! :) especially when it was getting darker.

  2. Great blog!! Love all your pics!! Would you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. Good evening Jenny! I'm your new follower! Have a great day!! And keep in touch!

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  4. I'd tried parasailing before too! It's exciting and fun, flying in the sky <3

    1. It was so fun! Just sitting there and watch the ocean :)

  5. How cool! You were in Puerto Rico.
    I hope you liked it. This is a beautiful island. I do love it.


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