Faux leather hobo bag

This bag was in sale www.yeswalker.com website. Shipping did took almost 2 weeks which is not bad at all. I already had a school bag but I bought it from Estonia which was just Gucci copy. Also I couldn't carry it by shoulder which was annoying so this bag saved my day ^^

Price was only about 15€ and I bought Gucci copy by 20€ o.o I wasted my money.... Even this is leather, it doesn't smell bad at all. Leather is kinda thick so I think it's long lasting and it will not get wet in winter when it's snowing. (BTW. First snow has arrived and didn't melt away. I had to use bus now argh)

My bag does not need to be huge because I don't had to carry any school books =) well actually only 2 three times a week haha.

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  1. Cool bag! Looks like quality despite how much you payed ^-^
    I am so skeptical when buying online bags, so I am glad yours if so nice (:

    - Sally


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