Creepy doll makeup

I promised to do a creepy doll makeup. Well I made really really simple one, which means that result is not so creepy :D I forgot to put stitches so it would looked more scary or something.

I wish we could celebrate Halloween in Finland like in America. It would be so awesome haha. But in Finland we are doing same thing in easter when everyone are dressed to easter bunnies, cats or witches.. then we had to give small easter eggs for them and they give us wooden stick with paper o.O stupid.

I took this one year ago and finally i can use this pic in here too. hah
I tried this unzipped eye trick to my cousin.


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  1. Okay. Idk how that zipper eye makeup is made. But it's impressive!

  2. Toi viimene kuva tossa videossa oli aika creepy :D But nice :)


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