Back to prison

This was my last working day in Kainuun Sanomat newspaper :( It was so nice to be a real journalist and answer to office phone ''reporter Jenny from Kainuun Sanomat hey..''. I would have sooo much gossip things haha but I have professional secrecy, lame.
People (most of them) were funny and polite. Bye bye lunch ticket and super duper awesome cappucino- latte-hot choco- coffee machine T_T well at least I got something from there buahhah!

So tomorrow I'm going back to prison. Days are long except Friday but I still have dance on that day so it doesn't matter. Also we are going to start our company called Avedia so days will be longer.

So here is my first schedule where you can see that one lessons can be 4 hours long. So there is 2 high school lessons on somedays, photo editing, web-desinging, dynamic websites etc.

Even my cat thinks that this sucks...


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