Weirdest Friday ever...

Have you ever went home and thought that what the heck happened on that day? Well I did...

Time goes fast
In the morning my friend went to driving school and she had first driving lesson there. I think my childhood is almost over woot?! Time goes so frigging fast... I did even look apartments from Helsinki for me and Zhou. Goshhh, I'm still acting like a child [video under proves it] and friends has said that I'm like their little sister. I just think that adults are too serious and boring haha-

I'm surrounded by idiots
Yeah.. today a random guy looked me and my friend and whispered with low voice ''Oh my God'' and smiled like flirting. What is wrong with people? I have saw too many of those on this week.
Well I also saw drunken scooter driver. Old guy.. he didn't drive straightly on the road and then we started to wave to me! It was too close that he would made a car accident.. I think I will hear about him in tomorrows newspaper.

Oppa gangnam style
I really don't know why but I did dance gangnam style with my dance students.. well couple of those and one started to film it =_= well now I got a great memory about it haha-


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  1. Lol at the Gangnam Style video. It's all the rage in my country too and I love to dance to the silly horse moves too. Only that I only know a few steps and not the whole thing. And I dance in the privacy of my own room with my hubby. lol... Which one in the video is you?

    Re my giveaway:
    It’s always good to see newcomers around. Nice to hear that you were reading my older posts despite being a new comer.

    Thank you for participating. Your information has been logged in at +5 points. However, there is a problem. You have forgotten to state which set you would love to win.

    1. oooups thanks about reminding! =) and i'm the left one haha-

  2. As the giveaway is ending 30 September 2012 at 12:01 AM SGT, you may still maximise your chances and collect more points by following the 6 steps stated in the post these 2 days. Remember to inform me after you have done so and I would update the points.


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