Not usual clothe for me

Today I got something new into my closet. I'm always hoarding sweaters and tank tops into my closet but not this time.. I bought a blazer. It was cheap and looks great but I really need to buy jeans soon haha~
I got only two of those umm.. how that is possible? maybe it's because of summer.

On next month I'm going to Oulu with my friends. My birthday is then and we are going to watch ice hockey and of course shopping. I wish I will find a new jeans and pretty mint, peach or other light colored shirts! I'm fell in love on those. I can't find any good looking jeans because I'm not skinny person... so I had to loose some weight now. I hope that I can follow my diet even on my b-day :3

my hair was close so it's messy >:3 - necklace Seppälä and tank top Gina Trico


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