Not my best day

This day was just horrible and it's not even over yet. Where should I start, well let's go by order.

-I woke up and I was looking at my jeans. Those were in tumble dryer. When I tried to put those on, they couldn't fit anymore! One of my favorite jeans. I had to stretch those before I can wear those again.

- I saw my article about Chinese language in newspaper. Title was changed, picture was horrible and there was misprint on it.

- I bought 3 nail polish for this autumn. Worst nail polishes ever... those are like water. Yeah.. and I dropped  a little bit of it into my black jeans.

And of course after those little things.. my scooter ran out of gas =____='' Only half kilometer into my home and it shut into rode! I was so shamed urgh. I leashed it into village house's parking place and everyone was staring at me. I called my mom and she was working, then I called to my stepfather who said ''I had to go to course'' and bad luck did just continue :) I did leave my scooter there and I walked to my home. So sunny and I wear sweater, jeans, jacket and sneakers... no no not hot at all.

I'm too tired today to even be angry about those. Best thing what I can do is to laugh hah~ how was your day, any bad luck?

btw. my ovely totoro earphones might not even come :) I already paid those and seller said ''Shipping: not available into Finland'' are you kidding me!


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