My future puppy

Me and Zhou are going to get dog in future... [yeah Zhou. All my messages has been serious talking] I'm more excited than he because he never had one.

I had a lovely dog called Hessu. He was Bernard dog just like Beethoven :3 so lovely and big. I will miss him always.

And I will never ever forgot Jamo- polski owczarek nizinny. He was almost world champion by his own rate. He became third :) There is still picture about him at google when I searched it by my father's name.

here he is with my dad :)

 And now I have Goldie- shih tzu. She is so funny haha~ this picture is kinda old but I didn't find any better.

Okay... so what is our future dog? It looks like a panda bear and it has a blue tongue..... Chow Chow!!!
I totally fell in love with those. I already has decide the name for it :) look at it... so sweet! but for some reason, black chow chows looks a little bit scary because those remindes me about bear Madara from Ginga nagareboshi.

I noticed that in Finland, there is not so much places where to buy Chows. I had to look more sites. If there is someone who could tell me, where can I get chow chow puppy, put me link please.

my heart melted


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