My first giveaway

I decided to make my first small giveaway where the price is 2 movie tickets into Finnkino for example for you and your friend! There can be only one winner.
I'm sorry that this giveaway is not international because these tickets are only available in Finland :c

Put your e-mail belowe so I can contact you if you win!

You see what to do.. you don't had to do all those three things. Good luck!

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and if you try to cheat.. I can see it ;)


7 kommenttia:

  1. the ticket wouldn't actually come to me. i'd give them as a b-day gift to my brother who is in finland 'cos we used to watch so many films together so i know he'd love this present.

  2. I AM A BOUNCY BALL! >:D LOL, GL to everyone else who enters o.O

  3. Itse haluaisin käydä katsomassa Lawlessin, joka kulkee suomeksi nimellä Laittomat. :)

    Liityin myös lukijaksi!

  4. Haluun ehdottomasti nähä MAGIC MIKEN !!!!!!!!! :)koska Channing Tatum (=

  5. Yhdyn Jonnaan :D Magic Mike.

  6. Madagascar 3 ois kiva :'D liityin muute lukijaks :)


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