Exchange student- just a dream

I have posted this before but in Finnish so I'll tell this thing again in English.
Many has been thinking that why I don't go to China as exchange student. Guess how many times I have tried to change my parents mind about this. Now I have only mom, so it will cost a lost that I can go to some other country for a year.

I haven't heard that in China, they have media high school which would be same as mine. Things will go too complicated in school after I come back to Finland. My school takes 4 years and after exchange year it would take much longer to graduate.

China is a big place so I won't go there by my own. I know a lot about country, their culture and language so my culture shock would be smaller than others exchange student's whose haven't study chinese before or about their habits.

Also I don't want any long-distance-relationship with Zhou. If I would go to China, all phone conversations would cost a lot! And I would miss him too much.
Finnish people are really antisocial for first in new country, because in my opinion Finland does not control social interaction well. But still I'm talking about some person, not everyone. For example I can't do anything by my own, I'm too shy, my friends can prove it.
Of course I can make many friends in my exchange year and I would learn to be more independet.

It would be worth of experience! I still dream about going to China and I know that I will go there someday. I have a lot of penpals in there, now I have about 76 [few by letters, more by e-mail] and everyone are excited if I could come to see them. They want to show places haha~
Other option instead of year exchange would be there for a month or something like that. But it's too short time :c
I started to plan my future trip with penpals. I travel to Beijing and stay there for a week in penpals home. Just like exchange students haha~ Then into other town and see other penpal. It could work and I really consider this.

On next year I wish I could already go there with my boyfriend and his mom. I also could meet Zhou's relatives! They live in Sichuan and Yunnan.
I know that I will never be an exchange student but I know that I will travel into China many times!


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