2 years together!

Happy anniversary for me and Yizhou :3 yesterday was the day when we've been together 2 years now and I really haven't even post any photos about Zhou here, hmm... well today I could tell you more about him and us.

How did we meet?

Nursery school: Well that's a long story but everything started at nursery school. Everyone called that new boy Zhou Zhou, I really don't know why. But one day we had nap time and Zhou were there first time. He was so shy and didn't even speak Finnish then. I said ''You can sleep at lower bed but don't take my pink bunny. It's my sleeping toy''. Well we did take a nap together ^^

I also remember my ''first-kiss'' which was with him also in nursery school. We played game called kiss tag. If someone did kiss your cheek, then you had to be tagger. Well I noticed that Zhou didn't get any kiss yet and I did give him kiss but not into cheeks, right into lips haha~
I just can't forgot that day because he was my first crush.

Middle school: Well we didn't saw each others like in about 8-10 years until he came into my school. I just did fell in love with him in that second when I saw him. It was just incredible feeling... ''love at first sight'', it's totally true.
I were maybe most shy person then, I was in love with boy who didn't even remember me. I was supposed to talk with him for a year! But at Valentine's day... I went to hug him :) we had hug-pass and every person who you went to hug, had to write his name into hug-pass.
''Do you still collect hugs?'' I said to Zhou and I were totally random for him but still, he did let me hug.

About Zhou

Zhou's real name is Yizhou Ye but everyone calls him Zhou. I have many nicknames for him but I usually call him Zhou or Zhouppa hah~

Prejudices: Many thinks that Zhou is Chinese but he is not. His parents are Chinese so yes, that's why many might though he is also. Zhou did born in Turku and he never hasn't lived in China. He actually can't write Chinese at all... maybe his name and couple more things but that's it. He speaks perfect Finnish because it's his mother language. At home he speaks Chinese with his mom- Ming Zhang. Zhou does not speak Mandarin Chinese, he speaks Sichuan :)

We: We are sometimes like Ying & Yang. We are so opposite persons for each other. Maybe it's because of that our families are so much different so we are raised differently. He is raised more like Chinese way because of his parents, and I'm like Finnish... well surprise?
We have so many arguments but those are nothing serious. But still... we have those every single day and we argue about anything hah~ but it's sweet.

Well why we are so opposite for each other? here is couple example.

- Zhou is really good at high school subjects. His grades are always excellent =.=
- I'm not good at those! I had to read over week and still I don't understand.

- Zhou is really lazy :) everytime when I ask ''What are you doing?'' he says ''Eating, drinking, nothing, listening music...'' etc. so he is not doing anything hah~
- I'm active person, I have many hobbies and I wake up early and usually I'm doing something all the time.

- Zhou is not so umm... creative person. He couldn't get excellent grades from my school >:)
- I like more painting, photographing, desinging etc. things.. that's why I got excellent grades from media high school.

- Zhou likes romantic things. He would like to watch sunset into beach and set some candles and eat at restaurant etc. things.
- Well me... I don't like about that haha~ for me, eating at hesburger might be romantic enough.

- Zhou does not like amusement parks because he starts to feel sick after those.
- I love wild rides and still I'm not feeling sick or anything.. I wan't go back to those!

- Zhou saves his money. He is not buying all the time.
- When I got money... I spend it quickly.

Well we have many other things too but it would be too long list.

What we have in common?

- Well...we don't have fathers, they passed away, so we kinda understand each other in some things.
- We like blue cheese!
- Tong hua- is our favorite song
- We like to watch stars in the sky
- We wan't spend rest of our life togehter

Well... maybe we have more little things in common but now... I don't know what :D

Why do I love Zhou?

Well I were already crush on him at nursery school, maybe because he was different than others. I still did remember him after 10 years! I did always like boys who where a little bit different than others. When I did talk with him more and we started to dating.. I love him more and more everyday.
Zhou is patient, sweet, positive, smart, sensitive and silly. He treats me well, never speaks anything bad about me and loves my no matter what size I am, how stupid I am, how annoying I am. I don't had to pretend anything. When I'm sad, he always knows how to cheer me up, I don't know how he does that D:
He is just perfect for me and this sounds too corny but maybe it was faith what did bring us together.

He gave me this necklace what symbols that I don't had to be alone. Zhou has other peace of puzzle.
We also have ''our songs''. Richard Marx- Right here waiting for you and Tong hua by. Guang liang

Aaargh D: this song was also one reason why I started to study Chinese language.

Well here is small silly video about us, as you might see... I like to blow into his ear XD but he does not like that.


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  1. Oi te vaikutatte tosi onnellisilta yhdessä ♥ Toi video on ihana~ Toivottavasti te ette koskaan eroo :)

  2. Iha höpsö video, mä oikein herkistyin!!:-) :D

    1. Hah, en tiedä oliko sarkasmia x) pehmo jonna.

  3. Ootte aivan liian sulosia ;___; ♥

  4. Kuuntelin ton Tong huan nyt vasta^^ Aivan IHANA! Kaunis kappale!

    1. Se on :) ja se musiikkivideo sai kyllä kyyneliin.


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