Disney song covers

Youtube muistuttaa mua siitä ettei mulla ole lahjoja varsinkaan laulamisen suhteen :) rakastan disneyn vanhoja kappaleita ja haluan jakaa teille muutamien tavallisten ihmisten laulamia versioita.

Youtube always reminds me about that I don't have any gifts especially with singing :) I love old disney songs and I wan't share you some normal people covers.

Part of your worl- little mermaid- Nick Piterra, singing like woman 0.0 sounds aaawesome!
A Whole New World Disney's Aladdin Nick Pitera- first with own voice, later woman. With a Smile and a Song from Snow White- Traci Hines- gosh :D I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules- Raesterling Beauty and the Beast (Cover) Mitch Corner & Kirsty Hughes "A Whole New World" Landry and Bri Cover Can you feel the love tonight (Cover)- The lion king- aldo0blaga


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