Questions and answers!

I got eleven questions and I'll give you eleven answers as well. I tag YOU guys to answer to my eleven questions so this is a tag game by someone 0.0 copy the questions belowe into your blog and then create your eleven questions... simple huh?

Q1: Favorite clothes
A1: Shirts

Q2: If you would be an animal, what you'd like to be?
A2: Panda!

Q3: Last song you listen was?
A3:  SHINee- Hello

Q4: If you could see one celebrate, who it would be?
A4: Jackie Chan!

Q5: Your big- not so secret wish?
A5: To travel around Asia

Q6: Your favorite hobby?
A6: Dance, blogging, mandarin chinese etc. I can't pick one!

Q7: Favorite color?
A7: blue or peach

Q8: What kind of movie you like?
A8: Movies what make me grow my shy six-pack by laughing

Q9: What is the most annoying thing in the world?
A9: Racism

Q10: If you would get one super power, what it would be?
A10: hmm... I could speak any language perfectly :D superpower krhm.

Q11: What has been your biggest wish you wanted to hear?
A11: "'Your dad is here'' :I

OOOKAY! Now my questions for you guys!

Q1: Where do you study now?
Q2: If you could choose only one place to travel, what it would be?
Q3: What is your hair color now?
Q4: Are you allergic for anything?
Q5: Your 3 favorite brand?
Q6: What is your biggest fear?
Q7: What did you eat last time?
Q8: Are you supposed to do something else, what?
Q9: How long have you blog posting?
Q10: Last akward moment where you been?
Q11: Your last wish?

Have fun (:


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