Tämä kiinalainen puku jota on paljon nähty elokuvissa, on suosikkini kaikista Aasialaisista puvuista. Ei yksikään kimono tai cheongsam pärjää tälle. Hanfu on vanha perinteinen kiinalainen puku jota on usein käytetty esimerkiksi festivaaleissa. Hanfut ovat muuttuneet eri dynastioiden aikoihin ja niitä on monenlaisia.
Hanfu on usein silkkinen kaapu/mekko.

This chinese costume which is seen in many movies, is my favourite about all Asian costumes. None of kimonos or cheongsams can't beat this. Hanfu is old traditional chinese costume which usually is worn for example at festivals. Hanfus have changed on different dynasties and those have many kinds of.
Hanfu is usuallu silky gown/dress.

Shenyi (深衣) a type of Han Chinese clothing commonly worn from the pre-Shang periods to the Han Dynasty. This form is known as the quju (曲裾) and worn primarily by women.

Another type of Han Chinese Shenyi (深衣) commonly worn from the pre-Shang periods to the Ming Dynasty. This form is known as the zhiju (直裾) and worn primarily by men

Two traditional forms of ruqun (襦裙), a type of Han Chinese clothing worn primarily by women. Cuffs and sleeves on the upper garment may be tighter or looser depending on style. A short skirt or weighted braid (with weight provided by a jade or gold pendant) is sometimes worn to improve aesthetics or comfort of the basic ruqun

Hanfu on myös tuttu elokuvasta Mulan.

Hanfu is also known in movie Mulan.

for men

Jackie Chan, Mulan song- Wong fei Hung- I'll make man out of you- teemme sinusta miehen


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